AR Web Publishing Platform

This versatile SAAS suite enables anyone to build custom Augmented Reality work instructions and data visualizations for any device, industry and environment. It dramatically reduced training time, while minimizing errors and increasing overall efficiency.
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When I was hired on as the only full-time designer, I inherited a design that had been created by two part-time contractors working in two different applications, spread across numerous variations. Although there was a fully functional product, there was no design system in place whatsoever. My early days consisted of putting out UI/UX fires alongside integrating random requests. Slowly, over time, I was able to reign things in and employ a process for tackling everything in a more structured manner. Approximately 6 months in, I was asked to do a complete redesign of the 4DStudio web application. These screens are a showcase of a broad spectrum of that work.

The design direction draws inspiration from the AR end user experience through the use of transparencies, overlays and subtle design cues in the UI. This allows the UI to fade to the background, thus floating the content up to take center stage.

A core goal of mine on this project was to adopt a common language, based on components, across both design and development. Importantly, rather than a component referring to a static object in Sketch, Illustrator or Photoshop, I wanted it to refer to a real, working pieces of software. From this we would have a common language to speak so that nothing was lost in translation (and build-out).

  • Role Sr. UX Designer
  • Problem Unify & Refresh UI
  • My Contributions Complete UI Redesign, Component-based Design System, User Experience Enhancements
  • Tools Adobe CC, Sketch, Invision, Paper Prototyping
  • Daqri Product Website
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